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Half Life 2 Scenery

This is an old project I made for training purpose. This shortfilm showcase a dyspotian universe managed by an overwhelming military force.

Models by Deviant Pictures Film:

Half Life 2 Scrapped Video Project

Paul meyer city 8 s civil protection team by endormax danjzrn

City 8's Civil Protection Team Units

Paul meyer oversee by endormax dann7kp

Posing depicting a fictionnal Tokyo where metropolice forces have a singular style.

Paul meyer v a p o r e w a v e i s d e a d by endormax dank0hz

Rest is dead

Paul meyer commission cold ambush by endormax dad0imu

A medical unit provide first aid to a severly wounded regular unit.

Paul meyer civil protection team counter biotic breach units by endormax da9csi9

Cleaning units are meant to sweep the streets from organic waste and anihilate unwanted entity.

Paul meyer civil protection team disciplinary units by endormax da9bvls

Disciplinary units are military formations consisting of convicted persons for which military service in such units was either the assigned punishment or an alternative to imprisonment or capital punishment.

Paul meyer civil protection team officer by endormax daa0k4o

Civil Protection Team Officiers

Paul meyer civil protection team elite unit by endormax daa0jgr

Civil Protection Team Elite Unit

Paul meyer civil protection team medical units by endormax da9gnpn

Civil Protection Team Medical Units

Paul meyer civil protection team light recon female units by endormax da9cqha

Civil Protection Team Light Recon Female Units

Paul meyer commission overwatch transhuman soldier by endormax daav1w6

Overwatch Transhuman Soldier

Paul meyer omnipotent blue suit and red tie by endormax da9dyjr